Adult Practice

If you or a loved one are overwhelmed with feelings of sadness or anxiety, I can help. You will gain tools to examine and cope with depression, loss, and anxiety. Panic attacks are an area where I have guided clients with much success. Another practice focus when working with individual adults is helping clients cope with life challenges regarding loss and transition. Often the stress of parenting, aging parent needs and even relationship problems can take its toll on your outlook and energy.

My treatment modalities are tailored specifically to you strengths and weaknesses. Over the last 15 years I have been honored to assist hundreds of clients through periods of loss, depression, anxiety, health crisis and other significant life transitions.

For those who struggle to regulate their moods, prevent depression, manic relapses, anger struggles or who just feel exhausted from their lives being lived at the extremes – I can teach you techniques for balance and mood stabilization. Stress reduction and relaxation are combined with a cognitive behavioral approach for a happier, healthier way of interacting in the world.

Just knowing that you are not alone and that there is a competent capable professional in your corner who gains satisfaction from helping you build your life into a better place can offer peace of mind.

There is hope, there are answers and most of all you are not alone. Individual therapy is available to help you get the highly personalized attention necessary in your time of struggle Group sessions can be beneficial for those wanting support around specific issues.

Emotional Regulation Group – Work with others to problem solve and find support when seeking better balance and contentment in this professionally facilitated group.

Parent Support Group – This group is available for parents who are involved in parenting children with challenges (special needs) and are seeking greater support, brainstorm solutions and processing feelings associated with their unique challenges.

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